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Welcome to your guide for all things Volta that happened in May!

One word, YUM! These are also known as, Volta birthday muffins! Coach Lisa shares her recipe for delicious breakfast muffins that you can pair with a protein and some veggies, like a veggie omelet. Get the recipe here!


We wrapped up the Murph prep cycle by crushing the The Murph Challenge on Memorial Day. And guess what? We heard you loud and clear - starting the week with a longer workout rocks! We are excited to tackle our very own benchmark workout, ‘The Powerhouse’!

But wait, why the name? Go check our blog post, 'THE MEANING BEHIND THE NAME,' for a history lesson on Volta! This summer challenge is gonna be a blast and is sure to get you ready for all the adventures you'll be tackling. Let's get after it and crush those goals!


At the end of each episode, we have a special segment where we answer questions submitted by our listeners. If your question is chosen to be featured, we'll even send you a little something as a token of our appreciation! Rest assured, all questions are kept anonymous.

To submit your question, there are a few different ways you can reach us. - Scroll down on Spotify and ask us a question directly

- Send an email to

- Slide into our DMs on Instagram

- Drop us a note at the gym.

We hope you're having a great time listening to our podcast, just as much as we enjoy making it! If you've missed any of our recent episodes, catch up on them below. Enjoy! Unleashing Your Potential with Volta Sport, Gear Chats and Hormone Cocktails?!

In this episode we chat about Volta Sport - the program designed for athletes of all levels. Are you wondering how Volta Sport is different from other team-based sport-specific training programs? Or are you curious about how it can benefit you if you're training for a Spartan Race or looking to improve your PT test score? We've got you covered!

But that's not all - remember Bryon's guaranteed playlist from the last episode? We have a follow-up to that which is guaranteed to make you laugh out loud.

And of course, we're answering one of the most common questions we receive - what gear do you actually need to work out with Volta Athletics? We'll break down the essentials, including the types of shoes and equipment that you'll need to make the most out of your workout as well as solutions for at-home workouts. Plus, we'll discuss some what accessories you actually need and when to use them.

Barefoot shoe enthusiast, Volta member and NASM certified personal trainer, Leslie Osterman, sits down with us to discuss what barefoot shoes are and why it is important to strengthen your feet, which serve as the foundation of your body. We’ll chat about problems associated with improper shoes, such as plantar fasciitis, hip pain, back pain and bunions.

Get practical tips on rehabilitating your feet and best practices on transitioning to foot-shaped footwear and learn why exposing your feet to different textures isn’t just for kids.

Happy training! We are so glad you’re here!


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