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Dear valued member,


Below you will find Volta Athletics membership policy aimed at providing a more effective and enjoyable workout experience for everyone.


- Be on time! Remember, your coaches show up EVERY SINGLE DAY for you so that you can make strides in your fitness. Show respect for your fellow members and coaches alike by showing up on time.

- Lost your Volta key card? No problem! Be prepared to shell out $15 for a replacement. Email to get a replacement card.


- Membership holds? ​Sorry, but we are no longer doing holds, but if you have a special case, let's talk.


- Breaking up is hard to do! But if you do, you'll be charged a $50 membership termination fee. 



At Volta Athletics, children are more than welcome. However, to prioritize safety for all, we kindly ask that they remain in our designated lounge area during classes. No exceptions.


We encourage family fitness, especially with young kids, and for those eager to access the gym 24/7, we offer our powerhouse membership. Please ensure that children are in the lounge, show respect for others, and maintain a noise level that doesn't disturb fellow members. Gym equipment is for adult use only, and we appreciate your assistance in keeping the lounge area clean and pleasant. Our goal is to create an inclusive and enjoyable environment for all members.

We are committed to creating the most ideal training environment that is safe, fun, effective, educational and sustainable. This starts with a commitment from each of our members.

Happy Training!

- Brooks & Emily

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