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Coach Lisa’s first recipe of the month has been a hit! This one pan meal is high in protein, has lots of veggies, and the avocado garnish provides a healthy fat.

Check out the recipe for One Pan Mexican Chicken Quinoa Bake.

Learn more about nutrition coaching with Lisa.

The Volta Collective Podcast is back and the first two episodes are available now!

Welcome to the Volta Collective! It’s a new year and the podcast officially has a host. Please join us in welcoming Bryon Gustafson to the podcast! We’re discussing all of the changes that the gym has undergone in the last year, tips on staying consistent and how to join the Volta community, no matter where you are!

We are diving right into the nitty gritty of what Volta looked like post 2020 and how that inspired the mindset challenge that our members are currently participating in. We read through the affirmations that have become a tool through this and which are personally helpful. We also chat about a few tools that anyone can utilize to train their brain to see the good.

We have a portion at the end of every episode when we answer YOUR questions. If your question is featured, we’ll send something your way as our ‘thank you’! All questions are anonymous.


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- Drop us a note in the gym!

We're excited to announce that our program is now available nationwide. We encourage you to share this with friends or family who might be interested in subscribing to the same program as you! They'll have access to all the same SugarWOD features as you do—the community accountability, Movement Vault videos —and they can see where they stack up against the gym from anywhere in the country.

Learn more about the Remote Program.


The Mindset Challenge is officially wrapped up! We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did in creating it. We encourage you to carry these habits into the future and choose to see the good. We would love to hear any feedback you have!

Now is a great time to set a goal! If you have a specific goal you’d like to accomplish or need some accountability, chat with your coaches!

Learn more about our programs.

Happy Training!


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