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Welcome to your ultimate guide to all things Volta that happened in March!

Coach Lisa’s March recipe is a quick, delicious meal suitable for a hearty dinner or meal prep! Impress your taste buds and get the recipe for Roasted Chicken Thighs and Brussel Sprouts here.


Catch up on The Volta Collective episodes that dropped in March!

Join Bryon and Coach B for a conversation all about programming, education that has shaped his programs over the years, and what he takes in to account when programming. We explore what it means to #trainforlife and how that may look different for each individual.

What does the Soviet Hockey team and nomadic hunting have to do with functional fitness? How much protein is too much? That’s all covered in today’s episode!

On this episode of the Volta Collective, we chat about The Murph Challenge, the history of it and the importance of preparing properly. Brooks and Tim provide insights and tips to help you train effectively for the Murph Challenge, which is not just a workout, but a way to honor the sacrifice of a true American hero.

We also delve into the topic of returning to the gym after an illness and best practices. Tim shares his expertise on distinguishing between injury, pain, irritation, and insult. And here's an important message: if you're suffering from an injury, you don't have to resign yourself to a life of pain!


We're now in the sixth week of our Murph Prep workouts and the garage doors are open this morning! If you're curious about why we're doing this prep cycle, check out our blog post where we cover all the details and backstory.


NEW STRENGTH CYCLE [1] We will be testing a 5RM Seated Shoulder Press. One of my favorite pressing movements because you can't cheat one bit. Plus, there is a greater emphasis on core stability when compared to the standing press. This will punish those that short their lockouts are aren't wanting to get comfortable with this position! I'll be sure to sprinkle in plenty of static holds along with core work and some shoulder isolation movements.

[2] We will also be testing our 5RM Pause Back Squat. Along with an emphasis on core strength the pause back squat is a great exercise to develop better mobility and bullet proof hips. It's time to get cozy in the bottom of the squat and settle in for 2 second pauses for the duration of the strength cycle. I will warn you, these are significantly harder than a regular back squat because we can not utilize the stretch reflex or "rebound" out of the bottom. Put your ego aside and think of this as a new movement entirely! I will be pairing this with lots of hip, glute and hamstring mobility + isolation movements.

Happy Training!

- Coach Brooks


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