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Over the last couple of years, we have all faced difficulties and challenges. Pair that with of hostility and gloominess in the news and overall pain in our communities and it can make us become hardened and pessimistic.

We are so excited for everyone that has chosen to opt-in for this challenge and encourage everyone to treat it as such, a CHALLENGE. You hold the power to change your thought-process and outlook

on life in a purposeful manner.

Our hope is that this may reignite a spark in you and you can navigate 2023 with the power and tools to shift your mindset.

With over 60% of our members opting in for this challenge we’d encourage you to lean in to your gym circle and push each other.

+ Daily challenges will be presented on SugarWOD


- Open SugarWOD

- Toggle from ‘Workout of the Day’ to ‘30 Day Mindset Challenge’

+ How you record your answers up to you! Either grab a dedicated notebook or keep a note on your phone.


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