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Dear valued members,


Below you will find some policy updates aimed at providing a more effective and enjoyable workout experience for everyone.


• Punch cards are a thing of the past! For any members who currently have a punch card, use it or lose it by April 15th, 2023. Not ready to give it up? We have a variety of membership options to fit the bill. We'd be happen to discuss your options with you!

• Lost your Volta key card? No problem! Be prepared to shell out $15 for a replacement. Email to get a replacement card.


• Membership holds? ​Sorry, but we are no longer doing holds, but if you have a special case, let's talk.


• Breaking up is hard to do! But if you do, you'll be charged a $50 membership termination fee. 

And remember, just because we're putting new policies in place, doesn't mean the fun has to stop! We are committed to creating the most ideal training environment that is safe, fun, effective, educational and sustainable. This starts with a commitment from each of our members.

Happy Training!

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