Another fun aspect of Volta Athletics is the opportunity to compete in the Sport of Fitness! Many of our athletes enjoy competing in local competitions or online qualifiers through out the year. If this interest you, keep reading!

With this program we will be focusing our efforts on preparing for the Hypoxia Team Throwdown (4 person teams - 2 male, 2 female) in Butte, Montana. We will be practicing early released workouts, as well as odd object/skills that may appear in competition that we don’t see in our regular programming.... Such as sand bag cleans/carries, wheel barrow carries, axle bar lifts, rope climbs, peg boards, yoke carries,  tire flips and box over unders.


Class Details:
11 weeks / 22 sessions

Cost $160 ($6.36 / session)

Includes custom volta athletics competitors shirt!

Give us a call to find out when the next Volta Athletics Competitors class takes place!


*** Due to the popularity of this contest, it is not guaranteed that you will have a spot in this competition. 4 person teams will be formed in class and the team will be responsible for signing up!